Allergic rhinitis

Allergic rhinitis can be caused by three factors:

1. Sensitive constitution. People have sensitive constitution are more sensitive to weather changes or food than others. From TCM’s point of view, sensitive constitution is caused by “heat in liver merdian”. When have “heat in liver merdian”, people will experience itchy eyes, itchy ears and irritating throat.

2. At early age, heat caused by diseases such as cold or pneumonia could not be eliminated completely and still remains in the body, in particular remains in bronchial.

3. When the above conditions are stimulated by external and internal stimulus, such as food, medicine, changes of weather or stress, allergy symptoms will appear easily.

These abovementioned factors are also the causes of Asthma and Allergic skin irritations. Especially when intake of certain food caused allergic skin irritation and the factor in food which caused allergy was not completely eliminated from body during treatment, people will easily experience allergy easily afterwards when the body receives external or internal stimulus.


First step: Change sensitive constitution

As mentioned above, allergy is the result of “heat in liver”. Herb formula and acupuncture treatment, which remove heat from liver and decrease sensitive reaction to stimulus, can help to improve and change sensitive constitution. These treatments can also strengthen immune system, so that the body will not react to the stimulus easily.

Second step: Eliminate the remaining heat or toxin by herb formula and acupuncture. This can be called detox. The detox process can help remove heat from lung and bronchus and further prevent the body from exaggerated reaction to external and internal stimulus.

The same mechanism can be used to treat most allergic diseases.

Donghwan Lee Licensed Acupuncturist

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