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Struggling to Get in the Mood? Acupuncture Can Help

Has your sex life lost its spark? Losing interest in sex isn’t unusual. More than 40% of women in the US report a low sex drive. Life’s demands get in the way. Perhaps you’re a busy mother carpooling your children. Maybe you’re in menopause, and your hormones are out of balance. Whatever the reason, your intimate life needs attention. 

You may be surprised to learn that acupuncture can help boost low sex drive and improve sexual function. Acupuncture is a central part of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), a healing method used for more than 2,500 years in China. 

While the US health care system used to view acupuncture with suspicion, it has come to embrace the technique as a healing method for a number of ailments. Acupuncture is now included as a standard form of treatment for stress, insomnia, headache, joint pain, and sexual drive/function. Following are the ways that acupuncture can help improve your sex drive and your ability to enjoy intimacy. 

At DH Acupuncture in New York, New York, Dr. Donghwan Lee uses acupuncture to ease many problems, including the stress that can lead to sexual intimacy issues.   

Acupuncture improves circulation 

Acupuncture has been used to improve circulation for centuries in TCM. Your body needs a free flow of blood throughout, including in your reproductive organs, for optimal health. 

 Blood carries life-giving oxygen and other nutrients to your body’s organs, nerves, and tissue. If your circulation is poor, your organs don’t function at their normal level. Acupuncture improves blood and oxygen flow by dilating blood vessels carrying blood to the reproductive organs, helping to stimulate desire and arousal. 

Furthermore, your kidneys and liver play a significant role in sexual function. Acupuncture geared to improve sexual response helps restore energy imbalances in those organs, improving libido and sexual satisfaction. 

Acupuncture improves hormonal imbalances 

If you’re a woman, whether you’re pregnant, have recently had a child, or are in menopause, your hormones have shifted dramatically. Males experience hormonal disruptions as part of the aging process. Severe stress can also throw hormones out of balance. 

Hormones play a role in male and female arousal. Hormonal imbalances can lower your sex drive and arousal. Acupuncture helps bring your hormone levels back in balance. 

Acupuncture reduces stress  

Almost half of US adults say some form of stress has had a negative impact on their lives. More than 20% report increased tension in the body. 

American physicians agree that acupuncture can help balance your stress hormone levels. When Dr. Lee uses acupuncture to relieve stress, it can help improve mood, relaxation, and, not surprisingly, sexual desire. The technique reduces the levels of stress hormones like cortisol and boosts the levels of hormones that elevate your mood. 

A recent study that reviewed 13 scientific papers found that acupuncture improves sexual function, encompassing desire, libido, erectile dysfunction, and impotency. 

If you’re in a sexual desert, acupuncture can help revitalize the desire for intimacy. Call DH Acupuncture today or book an appointment through our online portal. We can help restore your sexual desire.

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