Patient Reviews

"Really loved the service and attention here and felt immediate relief from issues that had been bothering me for some time. Can't wait to return!"

--5 STARS FROM Bianca B. (Groupon)


"The place is clean and spacious. Dr.Lee is very gentle and detailed when doing acupuncture. Grace, the front desk lady is friendly and helpful too. Looking forward to come back again."

--5 STARS FROM Chih-Lin W. (Groupon)


"Dr. Lee took the time to understand my needs and personalize my treatment. He was extremely gentle, thorough, and patient. I woke up the next morning feeling refreshed and am looking forward to future treatments!"

--5 STARS FROM Amy R. (Groupon)


"Highly Recommend! This is a small business with attentive, friendly, and competent practitioners that offer quality services. I came in with severe lower back stiffness as well as neck & upper back pain and in addition to treatment for my back, asked Dr. Donghwan Lee for targeted treatment to aid my recent onset of stress and anxiety. I purchased the acupuncture with cupping package through Groupon and honestly couldn't be happier with the results! Dr. Lee and his lovely assistant Grace went through a thorough evaluation, and I immediately felt comfortable and in good hands. The treatment itself was fantastic and provided immediate relief. I have received both acupuncture and cupping treatments in the past, however never felt the degree of satisfaction with treatment results that I experienced here. I feel great and have peace of mind knowing that if I feel pain in the future, Dr. Lee will be able to help! The environment is clean, calming, and respectful, with private treatment rooms and ample space. It is also conveniently located close to subway transportation."

--5 STARS FROM Michelle R. (Groupon)


"I am quite familiar with acupuncture therapy as I lived in China for several years, once I moved to the USA I was very happy to find this therapy place. Acupuncture treatment helps me to avoid sleeping problems, which I started to have due to increased work stress. I really enjoyed the session and I would highly recommend it for anybody having sleeping problems. The office is clean and well equipped and the staff are very professional and considerate."

--5 STARS FROM Ksenia M. (Yelp)


"My first time trying acupuncture and I went based on the recommendation from a good friend, but it certainly helped with my back issues! Highly recommended and I'll certainly be going back again soon. Polite and friendly service."

--5 STARS FROM Jon S. (Yelp)


"I have quite a bit of experience in being treated by acupuncture and massage. I live in New York, Santa Monica, and Tokyo. In each city, I have acupuncturist and massage therapist that I designate as "my body care people." DHACU is my New York body care people. I have been going there twice a week, and there have been significant improvements in my physical conditions . Dr. Lee seldom hits a spot that gives an unnecessary pinch. This out of over 30 needles a session. My massage therapist, Gloria is also very good. And the receptionist, Grace is a very nice person to talk to. Highly recommended. One suggestion: you should bring your own portable music player with a mini jack cable."

--5 STARS FROM YS H. (Yelp)


"I had pain on my left feet when I walk I felt pain on big toe. Whenver I walk, my left feet pose was weird because of the pain. However I had amazing aqupuncture with Dr. Lee. Only one time aqupuncture helped my feet pain scale and I can walk normal. It was so surprised happening to me because I do not believe the acupuncture but it work well and I am going have few more times aqupuncture. Anyone in pain I really recommend Dr. DH Lee. He knows the meridian points and honest!!!!"

--5 STARS FROM Regina K. (Yelp)


"I love this place and it is one of the best acupuncture treatments I got. I've been to a lot of acupuncture places in Asia and around the world, and I had one of the most amazing experience. I have severe back and neck pain and I visit here whenever I have time. The price is unbelievable reasonable compared to other places and massage is included as well, which I have never seen a complimentary massage in other acupuncture place! The doctor gives the most suitable treatment for me every time; I get very strong level of acupuncture and never had any treatment that really caught my pain like this place. I highly recommend! I would be surprised to find an acupuncture place with this quality in such reasonable price."

--5 STARS FROM Cheryl S. (Yelp)



"I decided to go to Dr. Lee when my menopause symptoms of hot flashes and night sweats were out of control. After my first visit, my symptoms improved by 80% and are now almost completely gone. My sleep has improved and my quality of life has returned. I highly recommend Dr. Lee, not only as an acupuncturist but as a healer as well!"

--5 STARS FROM Donna C.. (Yelp)


"I highly recommend Dr. Lee to anyone seeking a qualified acupuncturist. I have been seeing Dr. Lee for 2 months and I have seen improvement of my condition as a result in acupuncture and herbal medication. Dr. Lee is caring and a good person. The office is clean and the staff are friendly. I am lucky to have found Dr. Lee!"

--5 STARS FROM M.C.. (Yelp)


"Dr. Lee is very attentive and skilled with his craft. I've seen acupuncturists throughout my life for various issues. I felt better each time after I visited him. The location is very convenient and the office is clean and you get private room. Highly recommend."

--5 STARS FROM R.C.. (Yelp)


"I can't say enough wonderful things about DH Acupuncture. Dr. Lee and Grace are wonderful and compassionate people and the entire team are both skilled and knowledgeable. Dr. Lee genuinely cares about your condition and creates a wellness plan for your healing. I had all over pain and swelling in my legs and can say that I see a huge improvement and I feel so much better. The combination of acupuncture, herbs and massage has made an amazing difference. My energy has been restored and the road to my recovery is clear. The only choice in acupuncture is Dr. Lee and his wonderful team."

--5 STARS FROM Kim P. (Yelp)


"They are very friendly and have good skills. I usually had chiropractic therapy for my wrist and back pain, but it worsen my problem. Even I got new neck problem after I had the therapy. My friend recommended this place to help out and it helped me a lot. I was afraid to have acupuncture, but it was tickling like feeling. It was interesting experience and highly recommended."

--5 STARS FROM Y.S. (Yelp)



"I will definitely recommend this DH Acupuncture to all of my friends and relatives here in new york! I got issue on my lower back and i went here for the first time because it's close to my work and i wanna try this kind of therapy after my first session the pain that i felt was reduced and then I went back for the second time and then after it all the pain that i felt was gone the next day. And also the staffs are friendly and very accommodating." 

--5 STARS FROM Alfie M. (Yelp) 

"I had to go see Dr. Lee because of my knee pain. Right after the first treatment, I felt much better and comfortable. My knee pain was almost gone, and I felt much more energetic. I am intending to go for another session soon. Thank you Dr. Lee!" 

--5 STARS FROM Young K. (Yelp) 

"I was experiencing a lot of stress about ten months ago from which I began hearing a pounding noise in my left ear. I met Dr. Lee to discuss my condition and he prescribed me Oriental herbal medicine which comes in packets to drink from every day. This, along with other advice he provided, significantly reduce that noise in my ear. I am continuing to receive diagnosis and treatment from him. I am so grateful to Dr. Lee who is a great listener, sympathetic, and truly cares about your needs. I highly suggest him for anyone experiencing pain and wants quality service that works. Thank you Dr. Lee!" 

--5 STARS FROM S.L. (Yelp)  



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